April fools


Not to confused with the 80’s slasher film, no sure (insert Fry image) if poor attempt at remake or just cheap shot rip-off.

Bad acting, dancing, rapping and dumb dialogue, you definitely will laugh to yourself after some lines. Somewhat entertaining but i would put it down for an emergency, or to watch it with friends and get stupid while watching it. From a socio-economical analysis I conclude that again, stereotypes are being used and encouraged as a matter of marketing and it saddens me to see how there will always be people to buy into this misconceptions of identity, racial or not, cultural or otherwise.


There was some PLOT in here, at some point, and for the most part, it’s there.

A group of apparently tight-knitted friends play a prank on one of them, it worked so they mock him for about 5 minutes until well, shit happens and he gets killed but one of the most idiotic accidents in the history of movie accidents, obviously, common senses was not one of the traits within the group and they decide to just hide it, BUT! Again, obviously it won’t stay hidden, it will come back in the form of a serial killer, hunting down every single member of the group of friends, while some rap is rhymed, some moves are thrown and some hoops are played, all of this done very poorly and without any class or cinematic sensibility.