Attack of the Puppet people


Another oldie, I gave it a try, what could go wrong, it’s it too boring and dull I’ll just turn off this thing and turn on the next one, would be the first time with the netflix vast catalog of putrid tasteless bottom feeder films without knowing this could be one of the most suitable background movies so far. Because of age and technical limitations, the story relies heavily on the dialogue, the pace is constant, the wording is clear, the acting exaggerated like only older movies allowed, yet it’s pretty straight forward and simple, this could easily sport the twilight zone logo, it actually reminds me of one of the first episodes, the style and mood is also very similar, this might even be a lost episode, whatever, thing being, this is one of the very best examples of a movie to put on to work while you listen.

The plot is very simple or is it? Creepy guy keeps begging this hot chick to work as his secretary, being the olde tymes and all she is quite adamant but agrees, thing being the place is kind of creepy since it’s a doll factory, yeah like that one doll that spreads the ideal of the cosmo girl and ruins lives and self esteem of millions of girls every year. Thing goes un eventful for some time, with a lot of blah blah blah and the creepy guy trying to show his “machine” to the girl, as if calling it tool was not a douche move enough, turns out he actually was being serious and he had a machine, that makes people little, around 12 inches and they get a tiny wardrobe and shit, the crazy scientist plays music for them to have some fun, as if he was playing and since the girl was not his first one, (he already had another girl and a couple of guys, not at the same time) he seems quite entertained with the whole thing…. Would they be able to find a way to their normal size and stop this mad scientist plans???? Yes.

Despite not having any puppets, and barely any attacks, this piece puts up a good hour of entertainment watched or listened.