Awaken The Dead


Holy Shit, this was so bad, damn, this was bad, it was worse than bitch slapping your mother during thanksgiving dinner in front of your grandma while wearing a bondage suit. I hope the people involved look back and feel ashamed, so ashamed they release a public apology or something, the whole thing is filmed in the most amateurish way, not cool amateur but annoying amateur, but still I let it play for a little longer. then, there was this continuous soundtrack half early 2000’s hot topic goth and the shittiest nü-metal they could found, and nü-metal is shitty as a standard, I didn’t check or wanted to wait for the credits to roll, probably stating how the director is the main character, the writer, the producer, the sound designer and his band is on half of his movie whining about some first world problems and suburban white kid daddy issues.

I don’t know if this was supposed to be some zombie movie, demon movie, sexless-porn or high school play, I guess we can check all of the above and call it quits, this is a true 0, nothing, nada, fuck, I feel robbed by netflix for even having this. that’s how bad this was. Anything from the entire troma catalog can do infinitely better that this digitalized vomit turd.

The plot (sigh) let’s make this fast. some priest and a chick are stuck at chick’s apartment waiting for chick’s dad to show up for some reason i didn’t care to register in my brain, a huge dude football player style keeps trying to take the chick back with him and somehow the nu metal music in the background transformed two chicks dressed like anime school uniform girls turned into zombie-demons. I stopped here. I’m still amazed that somebody at some distributor thought this was at least a “let’s give it a try”, and that netflix selection department accepted this movie in their selection, probably as a freebie along with a lot of public domain and westerns that nobody watches.

I hope the creator of this turd is sterile.