Scott Pilgrim vs. The world


BONUS STAGE!! I mean special review!

First, i don’t care about the comic/manga/graphic novel, never did and never will, now, Let it be said that I gave this movie a long long long chance to make me want to watch it, the people who did around me and their critiques we’re just plain annoying and I would not follow, and for all I care Michael Cera it’s a bird faced awkward dude that should just play Michael from Arrested development and stay there, (He might be an awesome dude to hang out with and all, but I’m still sore about that arrested development movie) he’s awkward as usual but at points it kind of fits with the movie, girl with the pink hair is cute but with a dead pan face most of the time, I suppose it’s the point, and Wallace, Wallace is hilarious. Movie is not bad and is for the most a sit down watch with friends one.


If by now you haven’t seen it, let me ruin it for you, Scott, is some modern version of the nerd kid from high school, he’s not a nerd, he’s just socially awkward, proto hipster from the times when indie rock still had balls and was loud. His life was crushed by the break-up of his relationship with some cool chick who fronts a band that looks like they play some sort of psychobilly but nothing like that, a year has gone since this happened and Scott tries to move on by dating a younger girl, 17 years of age, that he met on a bus and appears to be of asian decent, probably as a nod to anime geeks and their fetishes, Scott also plays bass and in the movie he rocks a really pretty Rickenbacker, I’m aware that Mr. Cera is proficient with the instrument so high five for that, I still think the rick has a more medium sound and I like my bass to sound dirtier and heavier, point being is that he plays, high school girl swoons. The rest of the band, friends, roommate and sister make a huge deal about this new relationship, probably just to fulfill a void in their own lives by keeping Scott miserable, so when Scott is smitten by the girl with pink hair and cheats on his girlfriend with her, everybody gets on his ass and pushes him to get his shit together and stop being an asshole, he picks the pink hair girl, just to find out that he must defeat the 7 exes before being able to actually have a relationship, probably as an allegory of how our past forms us and cannot be ignored, only accepted and assimilated, while on this process Scott turns in to the 8th one, or probably the 7th one since pink hair goes back with the last ex, but at the end, when he basically overcomes his own insecurities he is given the choice to pick who he wants to keep, and well, there are two endings you do the math. By the way I guess this probably was a spoiler, you might want to avoid reading that if you haven’t seen this.


The movie a lot of popular references, especially the legend of Zelda and video game style character description and power-ups, it’s entertaining to watch, there are some really good jokes, I still don’t think is as great as everybody who liked it claims it to be, and from the way I see it, it’s part of the whole “being a nerd/geek is in”, but it’s still rolled a 15 and an extra hit point.