Award Winners Of The 2005 Hollywood Scarefest


Sweet zombie jeebus, if this are the winners and don’t even want to acknowledge the dregs from the pool of this pukefest. Yeah, because you could argue, well this are independent amateur movies and they are good because it’s just a beginning, but the truth to be said is, it doesn’t matters, evil dead also, was an independent amateur film, and became not just a cult classic, but a staple in American horror of the last decades, there are many examples of good quality films that make up for their weaknesses with better quality in other areas that they took care of. With that said, there were many shorts in this, some, sigh, better than others but for the most part equally constipated, the most memorable one, probably because of the hot topic outfits was this one about some dude that supposedly was a ninja, wearing some sort of corset and goggles, with his pale skin and scrawny complexion, shit was hilarious, he had a code name, something white fang or something like that, and had to supposedly rescue his gf from the shogun of darkness and his evil forces, this was like the power rangers and a juggalo wet dream.

I have little recollection to about the rest, just plain bad acting, bad effects and bad stories, BUT I guess that if the point is to just keep something making some sort of noise and not really pay attention to this, you could give it a try, say you are high, drunk, depressed, suicidal and have no judgment to know better.