damn this was not my night, this movie blows, HARD. Not as bad as “wake up the dead” or whatever the name of that shite was, but still bad, yet it kinda still leads you into the lame ending, so i guess let’s give it some respect for that, i just kept thinking how fucking stupid can this get, the acting, damn, the wife and her wig (I hope it was a wig), the daughters might as well give up…i dunno, probably everything because they are less likeable than a hamburger and beets smoothie. 

The main actor has these huge scars, like burn scars, I don’t know if this is make-up or not, not the point, but some scenes kinda made a huge deal about this, and a part of me kept me listening in hopes of an explanation to said scars. never happened. maybe they were scars of his past struggle with “lyfe”.

ok let’s get this over with. PLOT: american psycho III, the white, suburban, christian, asshole edition. The main character is some sort of rent-a-cop/parking enforcer, goes around being a fascist dick to everyone, and killing some girls on the side when just being an asshole was not enough. he’s butthurt about some hooker taking his moneys without doin’ the deed and pissed because his wife won’t have some kinky sex with him and she couldn’t give him boys instead of girls. the whole thing goes into this insightful driven plot which is as deep as the country’s debt and stupid as the people as the people behind the debt. at the end he goes back to hunt the hooker that made him snap just to find out she was married to some poor bastard and he kills him but let’s her live, just to be able to go back to his family and profess his love to them before telling the popo about his crimes aaaaaaaand then he wakes up, how fucking original.

the whole thing is messy but still better that the garbage that netflix pushes in general, don’t listen to this unless you think lady gaga is groundbreaking and ICP is real hip hop, if so, please send me your email, i would like to discuss something with you.