Audrey Rose


There is nothing I love more that a misleading categorization, there is nothing scary, I mean it, this is a thriller at best, kind of supernatural, but a thriller and nothing more, maybe some sort of preaching religious propaganda about reincarnation but there is nothing about it that is scary, unless of course if you happen to be in this same situation, but it’s very unlikely, since we are all fucking godless heathens, if you’re not, well, good for you.



Whiny girl whimpers and acts up, all while asleep, if she’s awake she still whines but normally, it’s the sleeping craze that puts parents on edge, they call doctors, therapists and Geraldo, who never came, to help her, but SOLOS, nothing will stop that brat from the ruining sexy time and late night movies, until Hannibal Lecter shows up, probably before discovering the pleasures of the flesh, claiming that she is his dead daughter, reincarnated with a soul issue and low self esteem, this doesn’t sits well with the parents, since they have spend t a lot of money in toys and dresses to make up for the girl’s abandonment issues and low self esteem, so they decided to lash out against the crazy mr. Hopkins and his hippie ideas, only to witness him calming the damn brat calling her out and shit like he is the dad., well at least the mother is convinced now, before all the involved go on to write a self help book and a memoir about this and have a sit down with Oprah, they take the whole damn thing to court, making the movie lose another star in my rating, since I don’t do well with legal dramas. Now we have an issue, the legal system trial on a matter pretty obvious by default, but involving moral and religious issues, well fuck that I say the separation of state and church should be total and definitive, and the problem is not the movie but how plausible this can be of happening in real life, even with a westboro baptist joke protest and fox news coverage. NOW THAT’S SCARY.


It is a decent background noise, easy to ignore if shit gets busy.