The Baby’s Room (Films To Keep You Awake)


oh boy, another one of them stuck up foreign movies, with their foreign language and their strange culture, trying to contaminate our god fearing country with their filth and liberal agenda. This piece is part of a movie set, of which only this and another movie about the horrors of apartment renting are available on streaming. Which is good, since this filth is the type of movie that puts our beloved movie industry in shame, but fear not, since I’m sure somebody is already planning to re-making it suitable for our higher morals and lower iq’s.


what I heard:

a lot of blabbering in one of those probably catholic languages with their guilt trips and loose booze restrictions, so I had to read all the stupid subtitles, making sure nothing bad was being said and with PTO number on speed dial ready I started to go about my business.


A small family of probably socio democrats and using a lot of taxpayer’s money, bought this obviously out of their league house, bringing the home values down for the rest of the neighbors, the father seems loving but probably an atheist, the mother stays were she should, with her kid and in the kitchen, and the baby is still a stupid baby.


Alright, enough, this movie is quite a good surprise, the story is awesome and balls to the wall, the development although a little bit slow, very consistent and unnerving, as the true badass I am I don’t get scared by anything, but my wife does and she found the movie very very scary, so just to humor her we made a fort in the living room and took turns at being awake. The director is known because of some of his previous movies have achieved cult status, in the good way, like Dia de la bestia y accion mutante, and this movie won’t disappoint.


A small family buys house, starts remodeling it. They put baby in THE BABY’S ROOM and to keep track of him while the attempt to have some alone time they place monitors, the monitors make weird noises and the husband takes it up to him to unravel the mystery. Usually I’ll go beyond this and spoil the goddamn movie just for the fun of it, because I’m an asshole, but this movie is pretty fucking good, better than that paranormal activity crap that everybody was creaming over some months ago, and it also takes this whole thing to a different level, whithout involving religions or deities, the plot is tight and very well developed and for the most part the characters reactions are very rational and logical.







Yeah for the first time I’m actually telling you ahead of time instead of after, don’t get used to it. The movie takes the haunted house topic to a different realm by adding quantum physics instead of some supernatural being, a “what if” situation that somehow escapes their own realm and gets mixed within the present reality, even though the ending is a little bit weak in terms of visuals it’s still very fulfilling.