Bachelor party at bungalow of the damned


If the world was to end in a week, and you had to pick which movies to watch in the waiting period while the rest of the assholes riot and loot stores for TV and video games, (nothing can stop an apocalypse from happening better than a mob looting for unnecessary goods), this movie certainly won’t be selected by anybody, well, maybe a crew members to help him cope with the fact that this probably proves why humans need to be wiped out, and the director probably basking in is own vomit, maybe a couple of frat boys thinking this might be porn, and they are right in a figuratively speak, this is pornographic.


Another god help us poor quality “I can’t believe somebody thought they could even distribute this”, no wonder why no Ed Woods now is a cult hero, at his worst his movies still have more charm than any of the visual noise this people release as entertainment.


What I heard and Still gives me nightmares:

Some dude plans a trip to a “bungalow” which is not, this is just a vacation home, but whatever, I’m not here to discuss lexicon. All these bro’s are here to get hammered and bang some bitches, but some bitches are witches and monsters and shit happens and I dunno if it was the cheap hooch or the cheap script, but most of them died, as well as their acting careers, If they ever existed, leaving us with this sexless, boobless,  “special” porn movie, there are a couple things that can be rescued here, maybe a couple of dollars could be made by recycling every physical copy in existence, someone’s dignity, I don’t know. This piece is garbage and should not be even tried while high, it would only harsh your mellow and make your stoner friends feel uncomfortable.

(fuck this movie)