METAL, a Headbanger’s Journey


According to that thing on the right, this post is the 50th post, and I felt a little weird inside, probably because of my dinner not sitting well, so I was already coming up with reasons to avoid posting tonight but I’m a big boy and I have a responsibility with myself, since I know nobody reads this thing.

For this Special occasion, I got a dvd instead of the normal streaming and this is not even from netflix, it’s from a store!!! anyways, even though I would not call myself a “metal head” or a “headbanger”, I do love many metal bands and loud noisy music and this documentary cathce my eye instead of that other one with the pornstars ( I know!), because this is supposed to be made from an athropological perspective rather that just cram a bunch of dudes talking about the bands they like and who is a better guitar player. I do feel the piece lack a lot of insight and just dips the toes into a vast genre but at the same time unifies and provides a solid approach to the innocent bystander.

What I Heard:

Some dude name Sam, from Canada, a metalhead and an anthropologist decides to bring the two topics together, probably tired of being called immature and to cut his hair, get a job and turn the volume down, and provide an insiders view of metal and why people like it, and why people that like it do it for the rest of their lives to the point of becoming an always present fact about them. Structured in a simple way, it starts giving some back story to the roots of metal and it’s first proponents, the link to classical music and blues, the connection to other (usually considered unrelated by the un-educated) genres and fashion. there are many interviews, with bands, fans, labels and crew members and even sociologist, all trying to explain the “why’s” behind a genre that spawned many sub-genres, crossovers and unifies people from all around the globe under it’s veil. the narration is concise and with flow, but some interviews felt very forced but overall is an interesting film. I tried very hard to not keep peeking at the screen but the friendly flow kept making me. I say watch this goddamn this, with some friends, especially if they are metal heads, and argue and make fun of them and let them make fun of you. 

Also, let me just list a couple of details i noticed.

Lemmy is still god, Dio hates gene simmons, this last generation of numetal fans looks even worse than the ones from my generation, those Norwegian black metal dudes are still either batshit crazy, Dio really hates gene simmons, I do support the idea of black sabbath being the first metal band, Dee Snyder seems like a legit dude, Wacken is just too fucking big to even enjoy the bands now, and Dio hates Gene Simmons

***** (and horns)