Beverly Hills Vamp


In different circumstances, this could have been a unbearable experience, but, since I only had to listen to, It was more like a light chatter in the back of my head, if that chatter was being held by social awkward penguin university for the histrionically challenged chess club that is, since the dialogue and acting are really not just bad, but awkwardly bad and forced, with a hint of self awareness and a poor try at comedy, making this whole ordeal decent enough to give it a listen but oh beware, do not peek at the screen and do not try to follow the plot, otherwise, you will shit prickly pears.


What I heard, 3 weird dudes, from out of town, probably from the Midwest, arrive to L.A. to fulfill their mission of making a movie from a script they wrote, or one wrote and the other 2 just tagged along, undecided, but since they are in town and they are new to the city, the decided to pay a visit to the local brothel, although the over willing girls had a different plan for them, one of the guys, the dorkiest one too, decides to bail and be faithful to his girlfriend and drags his ass  out of the brothel without the other two members, thinking they are just having some recreational dip and thrust in exchange of money.


The next day, when he can’t find his friends, he comes back to an empty house and no trace of the girls or the friends and after a couple of calls he recruits their contact in L.A. for a vampire hunting trip to the brothel at night and rescue them.


Campy, cheesy and plain stupid, yet I don’t know if the 80’s coke rage was behind this entire production making it at least worth a listen, give it a go with a friend or partner and get some need inside jokes.