Blood Monkey


uugh, movie is still playing as I type this, mainly because I’m waiting on some stuff to dry and reorganizing my desk a little. For the must part it kind of blows.

Apparently this is a mix of king kong and predator, and no, there are no redeeming qualities within this piece of visual representation of acid fart.


What I heard: a whole lot of nonsensical zoologist bullcrap and really bad acting, worse than my writing and more shame inducing than my punctuation, when some sort of zoologist sends hordes of experienced hunters and scientists to trap this unknown type of ape, just to get mauled by the noble beast who otherwise would just be minding it’s own business. More dumb teenagers and field experts were sent just to be kidnapped and forced into the crazy zoologist expedition. Shit this is not even entertainingly bad, poke it with a cattle rod if appears near you. I’m turning this off.