Is a Spanish movie, and as with Japanese and Korean. Unless you’re fluent, well, you’ll have to read subtitles; on the other hand, I’m fluent in Spanish (I really am), so in case you are, here is the rundown.

For the most part I love Spanish movies (Spanish as in FROM SPAIN you dumbfucks), specially horror/suspense ones, they have a combination of the european/asian “we don’t give a fuck we won’t sugarcoat anything” yet especially as of late, they do their movies with a more accessible, dynamic pace, also they play more with their plots, so if it’s a demon, it’s not just a “well, god is sad because a demon is lurking we should pray” lazy ass demon, it’s some pagan brutal demon with no kind of mercy or desire to make you sin, oh no, he/she/it just wants to ravage your human body and harm everything around you. With that said, well, Shiver is a good movie, a 5 stars one, you should watch it, “is it like Rec you ask?” well it is not, that is like asking if all american movies are like Rambo, there are different movies, mind you.


WHAT I HEARD: this one is about a kid with a rare skin condition that moves with his mom to a town where he could live a more normal life, but shit goes down, and when it does it goes hard, like “Thai food diarrhea hard, it’s bad and painful but you loved every second of it and will do it again, so you endure”, kind of hard. Starting a little bit slow, it builds up and even though it won’t make you sit on the edge of your seat, will definitely keep you interested more than enough to put your activities to a halt. Pay more attention and regret smoking that fat bowl because now you’re getting all paranoid and sweaty.


Now, in case you’re not fluent in Spanish, well you should still watch it, it won’t hurt you, maybe reading subtitles will make you feel weird, especially if you’re not used to subtitles, yeah those words flying across the screen on the bottom, those are subtitles.