Alive or Dead

whoa there poster!!! you’re not supposed to be this big, overcompensating maybe?
ugh, I still don’t know how to feel about this one, cool in a cheap ripoff Texas chainsaw massacre way, attempting something of sorts, with a couple plot twists. it’s decent for what it is, nothing especial but will keep your adhd brain entertained while doing something else but can also annoy you to a whole new level since the main characters are 2 of the whinniest girls in cinema. Harsh on your ears, the movie starts with a almost bang (literally since the character is attempting to have sex over the phone while driving) but comes (lol) to a halt after finding an abandoned school bus, despite the boyfriend’s advice to get the fuck out there, since well, you know after all it’s in the middle of fucking nowhere, there are no schools near. but no, girl decides to “investigate” and well, she gets knee deep in a very especial kind of shit, probably the greasy fast food  on a hangover kind. she found another girl bound and gagged and this “especial” guy.
without any more spoilers, the plot again is very in the line of those “lost in the wrong neck of the woods” or “kidnapped by the radioactive mutant family of misunderstood cannibals” maybe they just wanted to play scrabble with them, but their rules are totally different. I would recommend to give it a go, especially if you’ll listen to it while packing your shit for a camping trip to find yourself, hippie.